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The Chakra Series: Chakra #5: The Throat

The Throat Chakra is located at the throat. Physically, the Throat Chakra is associated with the throat, the thyroid, parathyroid and hypothalamus endocrine glands, trachea, esophagus, our cervical spine, mouth, jaw, and teeth. Emotionally and mentally, the Throat Chakra is associated with the power of choice. Because of this, any illness that comes up in one’s body is connected to the Throat Chakra because we use this power of choice in our everyday lives and thus it resides in every illness.

This is the Chakra of Willpower and this willpower should be maturing along with us. It should lead us from the idea that everyone around you has power or authority over you, to the idea that your power or authority comes from within, to the idea that true power and authority comes from aligning yourself with a higher power.

Fears associated with the Throat Chakra include any fear related to our willpower which could include a feeling of loss of control over things including substances, money, power, another person, ourselves.

Signs of a blocked Throat Chakra can be seen as someone who can’t express themselves or speak out, being misunderstood, secretive and a poor listener.

Signs of an overactive Throat Chakra include being opinionated, loud, critical, gossipy, yelling or talking over others with harsh words.

An unbalanced Throat Chakra can physically lead to a sore throat or gland issues, thyroid imbalances, hearing problems or clogged ears.

Strengths associated with the Throat Chakra include the ability to keep one’s word to yourself and to others, strong and bold decision making, self-awareness, and faith in yourself and your word.

A balanced Throat Chakra will show confident self- expression, clear communication, and being diplomatic.

Physically, a balanced Throat Chakra can be shown though a balanced thyroid and healthy gland function.

Sacred truth of the Throat Chakra: Surrender personal will to Divine will. Accepting guidance from a higher power and having faith that it will lead you in the right directions in your life.

This Chakra is related to sound, communication, telepathy, and the colour bright blue.

Ways to help to create balance within the Throat Chakra:

  • Crystals: turquoise, aquamarine, amethyst, blue topaz, blue tourmaline

  • Essential oils: Lemongrass: apply directly to throat to help uplift yourself, your language and standards. Applying to shoulders and back of neck is protective against negative energies.

***when applying essential oils to skin, please use them in carrier oils. See my post about it here:

  • Affirmations: I express my feelings easily and freely, I own my power and feel fully alive, I am calm, confident and well spoken, I communicate effectively with everyone in my life

  • Yoga pose: Shoulder stand

  • Mantra: HAM

  • Foods: Blue coloured fruits, sea plants, foods with high water content

  • Herbs: Peppermint, sage, lemon grass, coltsfoot

What a Reiki Practitioner (like myself) will be able to do is to channel universal life force healing energies into your energy field to help balance out not only your Throat Chakra, but all 7 main body Chakras.

Want to be able to work on yourself? A Reiki Master/Teacher (like myself) will be able to teach you this beautiful form of healing and attune you to the energies so that you can balance your Chakras through self-treatments.

Did you miss my blogs about the first, second, third or fourth Chakras? check them out here:

Much love, Natalie

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Oct 07, 2022

All these blogs are so interesting! I definitely will be re-reading them and getting more informed. 💗💗

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