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The Chakra Series: Chakra #4: The Heart

The Heart Chakra is located at the centre of the chest. Physically, the Heart Chakra is associated with our heart and circulatory system, ribs, breasts, the thymus endocrine gland, lungs, diaphragm, shoulders, arms, and hands. Emotionally and mentally, the Heart Chakra is associated with our emotional perceptions and feelings.

It is through the Heart Chakra that we hold our emotional response to our own thoughts, ideas, attitudes, and inspirations. It is the centre for love, emotions, and our relationships.

Fears associated with the Heart Chakra include the fear of loneliness yet also of commitment, the fear of following your heart and the fear of being in the position where your heart could get hurt. There is a fear of intimacy but also a fear of separation.

An unbalanced Heart Chakra can manifest in circulatory, blood pressure, and lung issues in the physical body.

A blocked Heart Chakra can manifest as a lack of empathy, bitterness and hatefulness, trust issues and intolerance.

An overactive Heart Chakra can manifest as jealousy, co-dependence, self-sacrificing and giving too much of oneself.

Strengths associated with the Heart Chakra include the ability to heal themselves and others and the emotions of love, forgiveness, compassion, inspiration, hope, and trust.

A balanced Heart Chakra can manifest as peacefulness, compassion, tolerance, warmth, being accepting and forgiving of oneself and others, and having an inner happiness and a sense of peace and understanding. Physically, it manifests as a healthy circulatory system and heart.

Sacred truth of the Heart Chakra: Love is Divine Power. Unconditional love that is, which is the purest form of love.

This Chakra is related to air, love, balance and the colour green.

Ways to help to create balance within the heart Chakra:

  • Crystals: rose quartz, green quartz, aventurine, pink tourmaline, green tourmaline

  • Essential oils: Sandalwood: apply a few drops om sternum and massage outward towards shoulders. Apply also on palms to help with boundaries, self-worth and integrity. Sandalwood can be worn as a fragrance to enhance inner peace.

  • ***when applying essential oils to skin, please use them in carrier oils. See my post about it here:

  • Affirmations: I love myself unconditionally, I give love and love comes back to me, I deserve love, happiness and prosperity in all areas of my life, my emotions are balanced and in harmony with my energy.

  • Yoga Pose: Camel pose

  • Mantra:YAM

  • Foods: green, coloured, leafy vegetables, raw foods, green tea

  • Herbs: cayenne, hawthorn berries, jasmine, lavender, marjoram, rose, basil, sage, thyme, cilantro, parsley

Want extra assistance? A Reiki Practitioner (like myself) will be able to channel universal life force healing energies into your energy field to help balance out not only your Heart Chakra, but all 7.

Want to do that yourself? A Reiki Master/Teacher (like myself) will be able to teach you this beautiful form of healing and attune you to the energies so that you can balance your Chakras through self-treatments.

Did you miss my blogs about the first, second and third Chakras? check them out here:

Much love, Natalie

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