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Footcare & Reflexology


  • Footcare provided by a Registered Nurse. I completed my footcare training through Foot Canada Training and Soft Soles and am so excited to be able to provide this much needed service.

  • During a session, I will examine and assess your feet, cut and file your nails, reduce thickened nails, corns and callouses, massage and moisturize.

  • Diabetic assessments, health teachings and referrals to other specialists as needed.

  • Offering at home footcare for Petawawa, ON area or at my home office.


  • I became a certified reflexologist in 2004 and it became a big part of my massage therapy career.  I am now a Registered Reflexology Practitioner which means if you have an awesome insurance package that covers reflexology treatments, this designation will help you get that coverage. Clients can have reflexology as a stand-alone service or add it to their other foot care services.

  • Reflexology is a focused pressure technique used on the feet, hands or ears.  It is based on the philosophy that there are zones and reflex points on different parts of our feet, hands, and ears that correspond to all parts, organs and glands of the body.  Through specific manipulations, the reflex points are stimulated and the body’s natural electrical energy works along the nervous system to clear and blockages in the corresponding zone​​


After the treatment. 

Reflexology treatments stimulate the body to heal itself.  The following is a list of common body reactions to a treatment.​

Benefits of reflexology include:

Relaxing on Hammock

Stress Reduction

through deep relaxation, reflexology helps the

body balance itself and promotes healing energies


Increased Circulation

by stimulating blood vessels, reflexology allows for an increase in blood flow


Stimulated Nerve Function

there are 7200 nerve endings on the bottoms of our feet that correspond throughout the rest of our bodies. Reflexology helps clear and open neural pathways thus benefiting nerve function

Healthy Woman

Improved Immune Function

reflexology stimulates the lymphatic system which carries out toxins from our bodies.

Vegetable Picking

Increased Energy

reflexology restores energy by opening up blocked energy pathways within ourselves

Aerial Pine Trees


Reflexology helps us stay connected to our beings and Mother Earth​

After the treatment. 

Reflexology treatments stimulate the body to heal itself.  The following is a list of common body reactions to a treatment.

Bathroom Tiles

Frequent Urination

the flush of toxins from the body is encouraged during reflexology.  This can cause the need to pee more often

Drinking Water


drinking water encourages the flush of toxins


Sinus  Issues

the body’s flushing of toxins may cause a runny nose or coughing up mucus

Woman in Bed


deep relaxation can occur during the treatment, afterwards you can experience fatigue as detoxifying take up a lot of energy

Hugging a Pillow

Healing Crisis

when there are a lot of toxins to be released, a healing crisis may occur.  This may include diarrhea, headache, chills, nausea and sinus congestion.  This usually passes within 24hrs and become less and less intense after each regular treatment.


REFLEXOLOGY                45 MIN       $90

FOOTCARE 1st session     30-40 MIN  $50

FOOTCARE ongoing        20-30 MIN   $45



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