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THE CHAKRA SERIES; Part 2, The Sacral Chakra

If you’ve missed the intro to THE CHAKRA SERIES, you can read about what the Chakra system is in Part 1: The Root Chakra here:

Our second Chakra is located between our lower abdomen and naval area. Physically this Chakra is connected to our sexual organs, large intestine, lower vertebrae, pelvis, hip area, appendix, bladder, and our gonad endocrine glands.

Emotionally and mentally, this Chakra is associated with our relationships with other people and our control of our physical environment. It regulates our sexuality, intimacy, emotions, confidence, and our creativity. Authority, other people, and money are all linked to our physical and energetic bodies through the Sacral Chakra.

This is the Chakra where our personal identity comes out.

Fears associated with the Sacral Chakra: the fear of being controlled by someone else, the fear of losing control of one’s body. Addiction, betrayal, or abandonment by ones romantic or business partner, impotence, financial loss are all events or conditions that come to us through our Sacral Chakra.

Common health issues of an unbalanced sacral Chakra would include prostate or ovarian cancers, chronic lower back and hip pain, and arthritis. Menopausal issues and fibroids stem from this Chakra as well.

A blocked Sacral Chakra can look like a low libido, a fear of intimacy, no creativity, isolated, rigidity, and emotional numbness.

An overactive Sacral Chakra will look like someone who is overemotional, fixated on sex, hedonistic, manipulative, and/or with obsessive attachments.

Strengths associated with this Chakra include having the ability and the stamina to survive financially and physically one one’s own and the ability to protect that. This is where our ‘fight or flight’ instinct comes in. A healthy Sacral Chakra gives us the ability to take risks and the resilience to come back from any kind of loss. It shows self-sufficiency.

An individual with a healthy Sacral Chakra is passionate, creative, has a healthy libido, who is optimistic, open, and understanding.

Sacred truth of the Sacral Chakra: Honour one another. This ‘one another’ includes all form of life. Every single relationship we develop are helping us become more conscious, and more aware.

This Chakra is related to water, emotions, sexuality and the colour orange.

How to balance our Sacral Chakra: the following is designed to assist you in healing your Sacral Chakra:

  • Crystals: Orange calcite, orange carnelian, topaz, citrine

  • Essential oils: Ylang-ylang: Rubbing a few drops from the belly button to the top of the pubic bone helps regulate hormones and increases creativity. Inhaling it regularly helps when one feels lost in relationships. Using it in a diffuser helps with depressive moods.

  • Affirmations: I am creativity, I am God vitality, I am sacred sexuality, my emotions fuel my manifestations, I release the lower desires of ego and elevate my emotions to a higher level.

  • Yoga pose: Goddess pose

  • Mantra: VAM

  • Foods: Orange foods like carrots, squash, pumpkin, oranges

  • Herbs: Coriander, calendula, fennel, gardenia, licorice, cinnamon, vanilla, carob, sweet paprika, sesame seeds, caraway seeds

Want extra assistance? A Reiki Practitioner (like myself) will be able to channel universal life force healing energies into your energy field to help balance out not only your Sacral Chakra, but all 7.

Want to do that yourself? A Reiki Master/Teacher (like myself) will be able to teach you this beautiful form of healing and attune you to the energies so that you can balance your Chakras through self-treatments. Contact me for more details!

Much Love, Natalie

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Aug 21, 2022

I liked this one too: the chakra I have to focus on to help with my arthritis.😍

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