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Why everyone should learn Reiki

I must preface this blog post for those who think this is all just some crazy woo woo stuff… y’all are missing out!! This woo woo stuff rocks!!

We all have our ups and downs in life. Some more than others. For some it feels like a roller coaster with too many twists and turns, for others an almost constant state of “m’eh” with some rocky spots and some not too bad spots. Having the ability to calm oneself when we are in those lows of life with this beautiful life force energy is the most amazing thing to experience. This is a tool we can use for ourselves that is always in our back pockets. There’s something very comforting about that. This is a practice that everyone can learn and do. We are all made up of the same universal life energy. With Reiki training, we become conduits of that energy.

In 1st degree training, we learn about the history of Reiki, the 7 Chakra system, and have our first attunement. With each attunement in each level, healing channels that have laid dormant are opened up. When these healing energy channels are opened up in us, they never close back up, so once attuned, we will always have the ability to channel.

2nd degree Reiki training brings with it sacred symbols and more attunements to increase healing energy flow. Distance Reiki is learned as is mental/emotional balancing and storing energy for continuous treatments.

Personal Mastery level training teaches us more sacred symbols, Reiki meditations, Etheric surgery (yes, its as cool and interesting as it sounds) and yet another attunement.

The Master/Teacher level is for those who choose to teach others this beautiful healing practice. There are more sacred symbols for teachers, and we are taught how to do the attunements on others.

As a Reiki Master/Teacher, I’ve committed to making Reiki a daily self care practice. Yes, there were gaps in my practice, some very long gaps…(you can check out my Reiki Journey here: ). Now that I’ve recommitted to this practice, I’ve found a huge change in the way I react to life’s challenges. I have a calmer mindset. I feel more centred than I’ve ever felt. I feel peace and joy becoming more and more prominent in my life. As my Reiki practice continues to grow, I know these effects will continue to grow as well.

Want to learn more? Want to sign up for some Reiki training and feel this for yourself? Connect with me at or send a message through my website at

Much love, Natalie

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Jul 14, 2022

Another good read. I will start by signing up for a session and go from there.😍

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