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Before I talk about what Reiki is, I need to talk about life energy and what that is. Life energy is all around us, it’s within us, it’s within Gaia, our Mother Earth. It helps make us who/what we are. The beautiful thing is that energy cannot be destroyed. It can change, get bigger or smaller, but never die. That is what we’re made up of, this beautiful life energy. When we are spiritually healthy, when we’re living in balance, our energy vibrates at a higher frequency. In this space, there is an inner peace, an inner joy that grows within us, allowing us to live beyond the constructs of this physical, human existence and into a more spiritual, energetic realm.

Reiki (and other forms of energy work, Reiki is just what I practice) allows us to tap into this energetic realm. It taps into our energy centers (our Chakras) that we have throughout our physical bodies as well as our spiritual selves. Reiki will help align our Chakras to allow that beautiful life force energy to flow freely throughout our beings.

Often, through the stresses of being human, our Chakras can get misaligned. This will manifest in several different ways depending on which Chakras are affected. Each Chakra has physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects to it. When the Chakra is misaligned, those aspects in our lives are misaligned as well. Reiki will come in and realign the Chakras. This is where peace lives.

As a Reiki Practitioner, I will prepare the environment and ground and centre myself before a session begins. At the beginning of a session, I will do a scan of the client’s energies and get a feel for where the energy is most needed. Trust in one’s intuition (Higher Self) is so important as a practitioner, (though whether one trusts it or not, the energy is flowing where it needs to go). I will spend time in the physical, emotional/mental, and spiritual levels of a client’s being. It all depends on what is needed at the time. A Reiki treatment creates a space for letting go of negative, stagnant energies, and will assist in the process. Throughout a treatment, a client would experience a variety of sensations. Most people will experience differences in temperature in different parts of their body, and vibrations or tingling in different part of their body. Some will see different colours or scenes in their minds eye, some will feel different emotions…some of these emotions will be leaving, some will be growing. It all depends on what is needed in the moment. I always do grounding techniques at the end of a session, sometimes people step into their emotional/mental or spiritual bodies for a while during a treatment and need to get back into their physical selves. After a session, people often feel a sense of inner calmness and a weight off the shoulders.

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Much love, Natalie

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